Monday, January 01, 2007

Déjà vu

according to wikipedia the term "déjà vu" (French for "already seen", also called paramnesia) describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously. The term was coined by a French psychic researcher, Émile Boirac (18511917) in his book L'Avenir des sciences psychiques (The Future of Psychic Sciences), which expanded upon an essay he wrote while an undergraduate French concentrator at the University of Chicago. The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of "eerieness", "strangeness", or "weirdness". The "previous" experience is most frequently attributed to a dream, although in some cases there is a firm sense that the experience "genuinely happened" in the past. Déjà vu has been described as "Remembering the future".

The experience of déjà vu seems to be very common; in formal studies 70% or more of the population report having experienced it at least once. References to the experience of déjà vu are also found in literature of the past, indicating it is not a new phenomenon. It has been extremely difficult to invoke the déjà vu experience in laboratory settings, therefore making it a subject of few empirical studies. Recently, researchers have found ways to recreate this sensation using hypnosis.[1]


For me it's one of the best movies I've ever seen....I spent the whole night last night drinking Beer and watching the movie... it was worthed
for the first time in my life I see this well formed combination of Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, and Thriller.

I believe that nearly the same idea was discussed at Steven Spielberg's move "Minority Report" which has taken the whole story to be about showing how smart, handsome and powerful Tom Cruise is. By the end of the movie I felt like I was watching Tom not that soldier in the movie.

The movie started in very calm way, for me I just hear about from my friends. So I didn't even have any idea about that movie so at the beginning, the movie looked so boring. Even after the explosion, there wasn't really much. But after introducing "Snow White" things has become to look more exciting. I liked the way they showed how a man can fall in love with a dead person. Watching every single detail of his/her life, feeling more like they live together.

One other scene I really loved was chasing a car that has passed couple of days ago. I just loved the idea.

I don't want to expose the whole story so you'd better go watch it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Just fooling around

I was so excited recently with my new Camera!!!
today I found out that I have not used this camera except for twice. anyway I just grabbed it and took a photo to my very old clock which I have to adjust to the right time every night or else I'm going to miss work ;)
don't ask me why but I just like it.
so I took a photo, started picasa, did some editing, ended up with this photo which is not artistic at all but looks nice ;)

so I just want to hear your comments on this photo. what do you think about it? what is the first idea that have popped-up into your mind when you first saw it ????
waiting for your comments :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Great Loss to the Family

It was Friday night when my nephew was hanging out with his friends near his house. They got a flat tire so they stopped the car at the side of the road. As they were opening the doors to go fix the tire they felt that they are smashed by the car. Something has hit the car from the back so they were trapped at the back. They could feel the heat of the engine of the other car near their heads. They were all screaming and shouting except for one who was directly hit by the car and passed out immediately. They took they to the hospital about 2 hours later. My nephew was in a bad shape, but the doctors said that he's going to make it. They have used the electric shocks to revive him and it worked. One hour later he just passed away. We all feel sorry to lose him, he was a nice kid everybody liked him. The only think that comfort me is that I saw that smile on his face.
although he was only 17 but more than 200 of his friends have come to his funeral for praying on him. Everybody came with a lot of good memories about him. They have all said that it was his time to leave, accepting what God has done to him. Some more has come from all over the area even from other cities, just to say goodbye to him.
for my whole life I'll never forget that smile on his face which was so quite and so calm.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Then end of the longest week ever :)

It's almost 5 now which means about 1 hour to the end of the week. Although I have much work to do during the weekend but I still feel grateful for sleeping for more than 5 hours if I could ;)
it was a real crazy week. I had to work sometimes for about 13 hours going home sleeping then back to work again !!!!
long working hours are not a big problem for me, but what I really hate was some of the people I had to deal with.
I was raised on taking people's words for granted never suspect anything. But recently found out that this is a wrong way to raise kids with. coz we have lairs and lots of lairs in this world and we need to learn how to deal with them. Utopia does not exist. It's a jungle world that we live in. The way people are talking all the time, lie to each others and talk in the back of each others should be considered.

now tell me what would you prefer now ? Raising kids in utopia or in a jungle ???

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Birthday is over with no gifts :(

never thought that everyone can forget my birthday!!! it's 30 min now to the ende of the day without even a "Happy Birthday" except for my sister who I still don't know she did find this Blog !!!!
well... I guess I should reconsider my address book... well I'm actually angry coz I didn't recieve any gift ;)
nighty everyone

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's my birthday night and I'm exhausted !!!
well.. Believe it or not but it's my birthday night and I've been in the office for about 11 hours now !!!. What kind of world we live in where a man can't have his birthday's night off !!!
if I had something to and no one would stop me I would give the birthday week off I mean the whole week !!! How many weeks do you take off in the whole year !!! For me it's been about 2 years now I only had the passed Eid off ( whole 9 days) although I had to work but at least I could sleep with my phone off until I wake up to find my boss has called my 100 times ;) ... Kidding
well ... I'd better get back to work to finish before midnight :)

Monday, October 30, 2006

welcome to my Blog !!!
as the first post on my blog I would like to announce that I have ordered a new Digital Camera!!!

it was not really an easy job to find the best camera you can buy... it took me really long time to find one.
I hate to make this post looks more like a review for the camera
so I'm just adding a link to a nice review I found about it :
Steve's Review
ok guys read it and tell me what do you think !!! I have already placed my order and the package is being shipped so please don't disappoint me ;)
that's enough for my first post
see you guys later